Program Committee


Speaking Program Committee

The Program Committee creates and produces 25 + speaker programs on the HBS campus and at locations in downtown Boston and Rt. 128/Rt. 95 each year. In addition, we sponsor Night on the Town Dinners and fun social and networking events. Our events engage the wide spectrum of alumni from the fresh out young alums, to the high intensity mid career alumni, to the late career and retired alumni. Just for fun meet ups, high level policy debates, cutting edge faculty research, and dynamic start ups are all part of the mix.

Alumni who are members of the Committee and support its activities engage with thought leaders, private and not for profit CEO’s, faculty members, entrepreneurs and many others to design interesting and compelling activities. Participating with the Committee is a great opportunity to bring the most interesting people from your network to the HBS community and to engage with leaders whom you may not know.

The Programs Committee produces the most visible activities of HBSAB. Over 2,000 alumni will come to at least one event each year sponsored by the Committee. The work of the Committee is vitally important to the suite of services that we provide to the HBS and Harvard alumni community. Almost half of those attending HBSAB speaker programs are not HBS alumni.

There are two principal ways to participate in the work of the Committee. The core of the committee is the members who work during the year to set up the overall schedule, to help evaluate potential program ideas, to organize one or two specific programs and generally to keep the work of the committee going forward. In addition to the core members, other alumni will feed ideas and contacts to the Committee, will take on specific tasks or events such as a Night on the Town Dinner, the Global Networking Night or the CEO Forum. These alumni will not participate in many of the Committee meetings, but will work closely with the Committee leadership while executing on their event tasks.

New members are welcome to join the Committee – core and special assignments. Fresh ideas, interesting suggestions and energy are always needed to keep our activities vital and engaging.

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