HBS Global Networking Night – Worldwide Party!
Join us at this informal evening reception of networking and fun! Catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and connect with other HBS Alums from around The Globe! Hors d'oeuvres, beverages and door prizes: an enjoyable evening for Alumni and guests.

There's no better time to be connected!  Join fellow alumni and welcome recent graduates at an informal evening of networking.

Make new connections and see old friends at this relaxed, fun evening with the HBS Association of Boston at:

The Williams Room in Spangler at HBS

(Directions/Campus Map) - Parking in HBS Visitor Lot

Wednesday, September 21st

6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Stay connected to HBS alumni around the world throughout the evening's event. Share your thoughts, post your photos, and enhance your global connectedness. 

This event is for HBS Alumni and one guest.  


President's Club Member: $0

President's Club Member Guest: $25

HBSAB Member & Guest: $25 per person

Alumni Non-member & Guest: $45 per person

We encourage you to Activitate the Equity You've Earned and to join the HBSAB by clicking here.  If you decide to join at the GNN event, a special prize awaits you, but why wait?  Take advantage of the discount pricing for this and other upcoming events!

Please email hbsab@hbsab.org with any questions about registering.
The HBSAB is not able to offer refunds to this event.
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Event Information
Wednesday, Sep 21 2011
6:00pm - 8:30pm [ iCal ]
Williams Room @ Spangler, HBS
60 Harvard Way
Boston, MA 02163

Look Who's Coming:
Guest of G. Creighton
Robert Adams
Lorne Adrain
Zaher Al Munajjed
Mariam Alsikafi
Linda Bardo-Nicholls
Gregory Bedrosian
Adrian Beer
Doug Beimler
Lee Hecht Harrison
Bob Bennett
Invoice Cloud
Martha Bennett
Coldwell Banker
Stuart Berzin
Merrill Lynch
Kamen Bliznashki
Thomas Blodgett
Marilyn Bochicchio
Catherine Bouvier d'Yvoire
Eileen Brody
Lewid Byrd
Richard "Nick" Candee
Chih Cheung
William Cleary
G. Creighton
Allan Crosbie
Philip Crutchfield
Selena Cuffe
Richard Dallmeyer
Laura Day
Robert DeNoble
Susan Ditkoff
Jamal Eason
Paul Edelman
Edelman & Associates
Nir Elperin
Adam Enbar
Gabriel Esparaza
Robert Ferrara
Carol Fishman Cohen
Frederick Fortmiller
Mary Jane Fortmiller
Jack Friedman
Directors Roundtable
Mike Fritz
Yi Gao
Adrian Gill
Ad Hoc Industries
Robert Gleason
Stephanie Goettle Hertzog
Ulrich Graebner
Audrey Greenberg
Directors Roundtable
Derek Haas
Robert Halperin
Eric Hiller
Tone Hjemdal
Jeffrey Holland
Keon Holmes
Paul Hsi
Sean Jacobsohn
Ajit Jhangiani
Ajit Jhangiani
Thomas Karthaus
Christopher Keefe
Nixon Peabody, LLC
Ann Kelly
James Knott
Guest of Eileen Brody Kunik
Richard Lange
Rikk Larsen
Charles Lazarevic
Nicola Leahy-MacManus
Danielle Levi-Feunteun
Rick Lifsitz
MedPharma Partners
Bob Linke
Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc.
Jeffrey Lucas
Deborah McConchie
BottomLine Marketing
Barbara McGill
Colchester Consulting Group
Kathryn McKinnon
Daria McLean
Mia Mends
Harold Mills
Shirley Mills
Zachary Morello
Au Bon Pain
Thomas Morley
Stacey Morse
Tania Naaman
Edward Naim
Daniel Nash
Herbert Orji
Deborah Pege
Edward Pendergast
Stephen Percoco
Mark Plunkett
Kenny Rebeira
Rose Rebeira
Wanda Reindorf
Juli Ann Reynolds
Edelman & Associates
Tod Riedel
Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui
Michael Rooney
Susan Roth Katzke
Thomas Sadtler
John Sallay
Ira Scharf
Matthew Segneri
Ed Sevilla
Terri Denning Sevilla
Raj Sharma
Merrill Lynch
Jay Sherry
Eka Software
Thomas Shields
Lisa Skeete Tatum
William Skelley
William Smith
Paul Snider
Robert Steingart
Daniel Sterling
G. Stevens
Andrew Stevenson
Lee Styslinger, III
Mark Tatum
Sue Thirlwall
Saeko Tsuchihashi
Saeko Tsuchihashi
Ravi Venkatesan
Cecilia Vonderheide
Steven Walsh
Steven Wardell
Activate Networks, Inc.
Nathaniel Welch
Margaret Wick
Les Williams
Richard Williams
Richard Williams
Lars Windfeldt
Erik Witkowski
The Lucas Group
... a total of 129 guests.