Volunteer Opportunities

The HBSAB is a volunteer organization of alumni living in the greater Boston area. All of the activities of HBSAB are planned and carried out by alumni who want to build their connections with other HBS alums and see their participation in HBSAB activities as a way to support our alumni community.

How can you get involved?

Volunteer for a Committee or Program:

Community Action Partners (CAP)
The CAP program is an excellent opportunity for volunteers (alumni primarily from Harvard Business School and some from Harvard Kennedy School) to meet and work with fellow alums from a variety of graduating classes and backgrounds, to gain insights into the inner workings of nonprofits, and to have a real impact on local organizations. Teams typically consist of about 5-8 alumni, who work side by side with the leadership of the nonprofits between October and May. The time commitment averages about 4 hours per week, though varies in intensity during that period. For more information on volunteering with CAP, please email Amelia Angella (MBA 2001), Executive Director, at info@cap-hbsab.org.

Events Committee

The Events Committee creates a series of programs and social events of general interest to the HBS alumni community in the New England area. Members of the Events Committee volunteer their time to organize events. The committee ensures that approximately forty events per fiscal year are planned and executed many months in advance, distributed evenly throughout the year, and meet minimum attendance/revenue standards as established by the board. The committee also reviews the performance and feedback scores of past events to improve future performance. Any member who is willing to organize at least one event per year may join the Events Committee, which meets monthly throughout the year at HBS over dinner or by teleconference. To volunteer with the Events Committee, please inquire at hbsab@hbsab.org.

New Venture Program (NVP) Committee
In recent years, HBS has held a worldwide competition for new business ventures called the New Venture Competition (NVC). To support the school's efforts to attract outstanding entrepreneurial teams and compete against other regions, HBSAB developed the New Venture Program (NVP). The NVP hosts a series of events supporting and promoting entrepreneurial activities in Boston and New England. The NVP Committee organizes this special series of events as well as the competition for New England's best team. The NVP Committee is led by 2-3 co-chairs, at least one of which has served as a co-chair in a previous year. Any members with entrepreneurship or investment experience may join the New Venture Program Committee. In particular, the NVP Committee looks for mentors and judges every year. The NVP Committee commitment is approximately approximately five months, November through March, with 0 to a few hours per week. To volunteer with the NVP Committee, please inquire at hbsab@hbsab.org.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works to engage the HBS alumni community in our region with the HBSAB.  It seeks to understand what motivates alumni to join HBSAB and what leads them to leave. The committee also reviews membership categories and fees membership eligibility requirements as well as develops membership benefit programs. The Membership Chair can be held by any board member.  Any member committed to increasing the engagement of HBS alumni in our region may join the Marketing Committee. To volunteer with the Membership Committee, please inquire at hbsab@hbsab.org.  

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee develops marketing programs to attract members and their guests to HBSAB activities and membership. It oversees branding and positioning of HBSAB to the public, through messaging, communications, the website and public relations. The Marketing Committee Chair can be held by any board member.  Also, any member who is a marketing professional may join the Marketing Committee. To volunteer with the Marketing Committee, please inquire at hbsab@hbsab.org.  

Sponsorship Committee
Part of HBSAB's annual revenue stream comes from sponsors. The Sponsorship Committee builds a sponsorship revenue plan, develops contacts and relationships with potential sponsoring organizations, and negotiates sponsorship agreements. The Sponsorship Chair can be held by any board member, but will default to the Past President if no other board member is able to serve as Chair. To volunteer with the Sponsorship Committee, please inquire at hbsab@hbsab.org.  

Board of Governors
Nominations to the Board of Governors takes place in the spring each year based on number of available seats on the Board for 1, 2 or 3 year terms beginning July 1st . Self-nominations are encouraged. If you would like to be considered for the Board of Governors, please respond to the "Nominations Being Accepted for the HBSAB Board of Governors" emails.